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  • 本公司將以寄送EDM等相關作業為目的,於本公司營業所在地區及您之居住地區蒐集、處理、使用您提供之電子郵件信箱個人資料。如您不同意提供必需之個人資料,本公司可能無法提供服務,致影響您的權益。
  • 您所提供之個人資料,可以依個人資料保護法之規定,在本公司營業時間申請查詢、閱覽或製給複製本,本公司依法得收取必要的費用。若所提供個人資料有變更或不正確時,可以申請補充或更正;當個人資料蒐集之特定目的消失時,除本公司執行業務或法律程序有留存必要,本公司將銷毀您的個人資料,您也可以申請停止蒐集、處理、利用或刪除個人資料。




  • 本公司將以寄送EDM等相關作業為目的,於本公司營業所在地區及您之居住地區蒐集、處理、使用您提供之電子郵件信箱個人資料。如您不同意提供必需之個人資料,本公司可能無法提供服務,致影響您的權益。
  • 您所提供之個人資料,可以依個人資料保護法之規定,在本公司營業時間申請查詢、閱覽或製給複製本,本公司依法得收取必要的費用。若所提供個人資料有變更或不正確時,可以申請補充或更正;當個人資料蒐集之特定目的消失時,除本公司執行業務或法律程序有留存必要,本公司將銷毀您的個人資料,您也可以申請停止蒐集、處理、利用或刪除個人資料。




  • 漢神將以寄送EDM等相關作業為目的,於漢神營業所在地區及您之居住地區蒐集、處理、使用您提供之電子郵件信箱個人資料。如您不同意提供必需之個人資料,本公司可能無法提供服務,致影響您的權益。
  • 您所提供之個人資料,可以依個人資料保護法之規定,在漢神營業時間申請查詢、閱覽或製給複製本,漢神依法得收取必要的費用。若所提供個人資料有變更或不正確時,可以申請補充或更正;當個人資料蒐集之特定目的消失時,除漢神執行業務或法律程序有留存必要,漢神將銷毀您的個人資料,您也可以申請停止蒐集、處理、利用或刪除個人資料。



About Hanshin Department Store

Located at the intersection of Chenggong 1st Road and Xintian Road in Kaohsiung, the "Han-Lai New World Center" is a neoclassical Baroque palace-style commercial building complex that includes the five-star Grand Hi-Lai Hotel.

Hanshin Department Store positions itself as an international metropolitan boutique department store, offering a full range of boutique consumption to create a one-stop experience.

It brings together 15 major international luxury brands from around the world, and covers 28 exclusive luxury brands in Kaohsiung, including top international luxury brands such as CHANEL, Hermes, DIOR, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, and Tiffany.

An independent men's boutique area is created on the 3rd floor.

Additional services include tax refunds and foreign currency exchange.

1F-3F International Luxury Brands


Tax Refund Service

Foreign tourists who present their same-day purchase receipts with a total tax-included amount of NT$2,000 or more (excluding non-refundable goods) and show their original foreign tourist entry documents/passports (Chinese, Hong Kong, and Macau tourists need to show their entry permits) can apply for tax refund at the 4F Cardholder Service Center. Tourists must depart within 90 days from the date of application.

(1) On-site small amount tax refund: For amounts below NT$48,000, tourists can apply for an on-site small amount tax refund at the 4F Cardholder Service Center and receive the refunded tax amount.

(2) Designated city tax refund: For amounts of NT$48,000 or more, tourists can obtain a tax refund certificate at the 4F Cardholder Service Center and pre-authorize a security deposit (7% of the tax-included amount). If they depart with the goods within 20 days after the tax refund application date, they can apply for a refund in advance (be sure to go to the tax refund counter at the airport/port for inspection before departure).

(3) Tax refund at airports/ports: For amounts of NT$48,000 or more, tourists can obtain a tax refund certificate at the 4F Cardholder Service Center. Within 90 days from the purchase date, they can depart with the tax refund certificate and goods and receive a cash refund at the airport tax refund center.

E-tax refund service website for foreign tourists
Location: 4F Cardholder Service Center

Foreign Currency Exchange

We only provide foreign currency exchange services for foreigners to exchange foreign currency for New Taiwan Dollars (NTD).

When exchanging currency, visitors need to present their "foreign passports". Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong, and Macau residents need to present their "Entry (Exit) Permit" to exchange currency.

We apologize that we cannot provide exchange services for Taiwanese citizens. Currently, we offer exchange services for eight foreign currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, SGD, HKD, and CNY.

Location: 4F Cardholder Service Center

B3F Food Court and Dinning Area
Unboxing Food Treasure Box

B3F gathers famous food stores and health-care souvenir brands, all of which are delicious and beautiful. Travelers from all over the world can get the most representative souvenirs during their journey here.

The food court area includes Japanese cuisine, Teppanyaki, Taiwanese hot pot, Nanyang cuisine, buffets, barbecue and other multi-national cuisines and comfortable dining spaces. All travelers who want to enjoy delicious food are welcome to visit.

1F Information Desk
Facility Guide

Free Locker
Location : B3F ( Large / Small ), 7F ( Medium / Small ), 8F ( Medium / Small )

Location : B3F, 4F

Shared Power Bank
Location : B3F

Baby Cart Rental
Location : 1F Information Desk

Getting To Hanshin By Lightrail, Bus, or KRTC
How to Get to Hanshin Department Store

By Light Rail
Take the light rail to Glory Pier Station → Walk along Qingnian Road until you reach Chenggong Road, then turn left → Walk straight along Chenggong Road until you reach the intersection with Xintian Road, and you will arrive at your destination.

By Bus
The city buses that stop at the entrance of the Department Store are 0 North, 0 South, 11, 100, 168, and 214.

By KRTC Transfer
High Speed Rail Zuoying Station → KRTC Red Line Zuoying Station → Take the KRTC Red Line to R9 Central Park Station and exit → Walk from Exit 1 to Wufu 3rd Road (Urban Spotlight) and transfer to Kaohsiung City Bus.

Taiwan Railways Kaohsiung Station → KRTC Red Line Kaohsiung Station → Take the KRTC Red Line to R9 Central Park Station and exit → Walk from Exit 1 to Wufu 3rd Road (Urban Spotlight) and transfer to Kaohsiung City Bus.

Take the KRTC Red Line to R9 Central Park Station, then walk from Exit 1 to Wufu 3rd Road (Urban Spotlight) and take Kaohsiung City Bus.

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Attractions Near Hanshin Department Store

※ Glory Pier - 350 meters, 6-minute walk
※ Ziqiang Night Market - 350 meters, 6-minute walk
※ Urban Spotlight - 550 meters, 12-minute walk
※ Holy Rosary Cathedral - 650 meters, 9-minute walk
※ Kaohsiung Central Park - 700 meters, 14-minute walk
※ Kaohsiung Music Center - 1 kilometer, 15-minute walk

Kaohsiung Music Center
Kaohsiung Central Park

Exclusive Rewards for International Travelers

UnionPay Rewards
Enjoy TWD 1500 off with your UnionPay Card at Hanshin Store

Enjoy TWD 400 off when you spend TWD 8000 or enjoy TWD 1500 off when you spend TWD 30000 or more in a single receipt with your UnionPay Card (card number starting with 62) at Hanshin Store. Simply scan the QR code/bar code on your Hanshin Store “užplan” coupons.

Valid till 2024/12/31.

* Rules and Exceptions details are in the destination page.
Collect Coupon

VISA Rewards
Spend TWD 12,000 or more with your Visa card to receive a complimentary

Please pay with a Visa card that is eligible for the gift when checking out;please present your passport (or Exit & Entry Permit),Visa card, same card number receipt and invoice to redeem the gift.

Valid till 2024/12/31.

* Rules and Exceptions details are in the destination page.
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